Specialised Kinesiology Package February 2014

Nicole Harvey

Nicole Harvey


Specialised Kinesiology uses muscle monitoring as a primary feedback mechanism. It is a process of finding out from the person using the technique of muscle monitoring where they are adapting appropriately and where not. Through the application of various protocols and techniques this uncovers and helps release and /or reframes unresolved issues, hurts, pain and resentments.  These are often physically stored in the body and can lead to stress, tension, fatigue, lowered immune functioning & even weight issues. Specialised Kinesiology may help with; General Fatigue, Allergies, Learning difficulties, Insomnia, Low self Esteem, Digestive disorders, Skin Problems, Stress & Anxiety, Sinusitis, Past Trauma, Sports Injuries, Fears and Phobias, Chronic Pain, Goal Setting,  Weight Issues.
 It is important to understand that Kinesiologists do not diagnose or treat specific illness because they do not work according to the “medical model” of disease. Rather, they work within an entirely different paradigm, that of balancing the body’s energy systems so the innate wisdom of the body can heal itself. Kinesiology is complementary to orthodox medicine, and works with, not against it.

Harvey’s Health are  offering a wonderful Specialised Kinesiology Package Special

consisting of 4 x Specialised Kinesiology Sessions to the value of R 1200  for only R1100

Conditions of this offer:

·        You need to pay the full amount of R1100 before or at your first session which must be in February or March 2014

·        You need to have at least one session per month e.g. One session in February, one in March, one in April, one in May

·        This offer is for Specialised Kinesiology sessions only and for one individual per package offer

·        This offer is valid until the 31st March 2014

  • This offer is for new and existing clients

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